Since completing his Master’s in 2009, Wayne Finley has lived and breathed education. As a teacher, Wayne has twice been awarded the Woosong University ‘Distinguished Teacher of the Year’ award (2012, 2014) and produced a prolific amount of teaching materials. As an educator, he has shared his teaching philosophy and ideas at numerous conferences throughout South Korea, with the most recent being the KOTESOL International Conference in October, 2015 at COEX, Seoul.

Outside the classroom, Wayne has worked in a number of different roles, starting with a teacher-trainer position in Busan, Korea at a popular children’s language academy. At the university level, he has played key roles in SolBridge International School of Business’ admissions department, AACSB accreditation team and Woosong University’s Human Resources and Professional Development teams. He now teaches at Korea Polytechnic University and works with KOTESOL Teacher Training (KTT) to provide practical workshops, presentations and discussions to help teachers grow their mastery of the classroom.


Wuchang University of Science and Technology, 2013


KOTESOL Spring Conference, 2015: Command and Conquer Classroom Management


KOTESOL International Conference, 2015: Lesson Plan 9 From Outer Space: Storytelling 101


KOTESOL National Conference, 2016: Motivating your EFL students – Theory vs. Practice