Goodbye Videogames


Above is an excerpt taken from Woosong University’s syllabus for the textbook Q Skills for Success: Listening and Speaking 2. The objectives are clear to see, but how would a teacher go about achieving those objectives and giving the class a narrative? It’s time to find out.

Goodbye Videogames Headline

Newspaper Generator

Boom! The students in the class are immediately presented with a tragic story that sends shockwaves around the campus, if not the world. Videogames are banned! No more Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, or even worse, League of Legends. The party’s over, folks. Or is it?

Woosong Herald Reporter

A reporter from the all-important campus newspaper, The Woosong Herald, wants to know the students’ reactions. Is change afoot?

Save Our Mario Campaigner

Well, it just might be. A campaigner from the ‘Save our Mario’ group has asked the students to join their campaign. Will they or won’t they? It’s up to the students to make that very important decision.

Videogame Pros Cons

No good decision is ever made without thinking things through (ahem!). The students weigh up the pros and cons of videogames. Is the world better off without them?

Campaign VoteCampaign Vote 2

It’s time to vote! Speak now, or forever hold your peace. The students join forces with the ‘Save our Mario’ team or back the politicians who banned videogames.

Campaign Choices

Poster or E-mail

Regardless of their choice, there’s no getting out of any work! In small groups, perhaps of four, the students make a campaign poster (with imperative sentences) or write a persuasive e-mail. No prizes for guessing the more popular choice.

Just when they thought it was over, they are pulled back in! Now the campaign manager wants them to deliver a persuasive speech to millions of people on television. A speech that could change the course of history. In preparation, they have to watch a good example: Martin Luther King, Jnr. Not an easy act to follow.

Persuasive Script

A great speech needs a great team of speechwriters. The students write their scripts. It’s now or never for the future of videogames.

Speech Ratings

The students watch each other’s explosively charismatic speeches and, naturally, give them ratings and ask questions.

Videogame Referendum

It’s crunch time! In the true spirit of democracy, the students now cast their votes in one of the most important referendums of the 21st Century.

Videogame Party

Depending on the outcome of the vote, it’s party time for Super Mario and friends…

Videogame Extinction

Or videogame extinction.


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