Manners Maketh Man


What is an interesting narrative for a lesson on manners? As a Brit there is one obvious choice: James Bond. The living embodiment of the stereotype that all British men are gentlemen. In Korea, however, 007 is known, but not well-known; a different set of special agents is much more popular: Kingsman.

The ultimate test
The ultimate test

What is this? That’s right. A letter. Addressed to Woosong University students from the great Kingsman himself, Harry Hart. If the students pass a series of challenges it seems they too can join the Kingsman.

Kingsman Video Questions

Before taking on the Kingsman entrance exam the students need to know what it means to be a Kingsman. How? By watching them in action in a bar fight uttering their famous motto: “manners maketh man”.

Kingsman Envelope 1

Kingsman Envelope 2

Kingsman Envelope 3

Kingsman Envelope 4

Paper knives at the ready, it’s time to unseal those sealed envelopes and reveal the students’ special assignments. Each group of students, around four, has their own special mission. This message will self-destruct in…

Kingsman Survey

It’s time go undercover, or above ground, or at least conduct the requested survey.

Good vs Bad Manners

Every Kingsman knows how to be mannerly in any situations. The students prove it by listing the good and bad manners for the situation they were top-secretly handed.

Manners Importance

It’s one thing to know the differences, but it’s an altogether different beast to know why manners are important. A great candidate for the Kingsman must be able to say it.

Etiquette Rules

Good manners begin at home. How can they be mannerly in their own countries? The students draw up a list of etiquette rules via a nicely-designed poster.

Manners Quiz Sheet

Showtime! The recruits, or students, must now pass the ‘Manners Maketh Man’ Quiz. Score 8 or above and they join the Kingsman. Score below and it’s ‘better luck next time!’

Manners Quiz Questions

Number one should be easy! Or not. Allowing for cultural differences, students are reminded to ‘think like Kingsman‘.

Kingsman Certificate

8-or-abovers, welcome to Kingsman! Congratulations. Shaken or stirred? Nope. Wrong movie trope.


Next: Unit 2: A Voyage To The Stars


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