Back to the…Fashions


Fashion trends change over time. Whether it’s the colorful flares of the 1970s, the popularity of mullets in the 1980s, or the boy band ‘curtains’ of the 1990s, every era had its fashion. How can students explore different fashions while feeling like they’re inside a story? It’s time to go back to the…fashions.

Korean fashions

Students warm up for the adventure of several lifetimes by discussing popular fashions in their own country, the land of the morning calm, South Korea.

Front lawn time travel

Two famous time travelers arrive at Woosong University and funnily enough they’re using lots of interjections and present continuous sentences. Perfect.

Time Travel

1570, England

1570 England

1866, Korea

1866 Korea

1930, U.S.A.

1930 USA

2100, Unknown

2100 Unknown

Sit back and hold on tight! The students race through time describing the fashions and actions of people from the time period.

Security Patrol

Trouble hits! How will the students find a way to get out of this jam?


An olive branch is extended, by the way of a fashion designing project.

Fashion Design

The students work on the city’s new fashions for spring, summer and fall. Whoever said the future would be easier?

Fashion Presentations

It’s time to shine! Lights, camera, presentations. The students present their new fashion collections and their classmates react with interjections. What will the mayor’s reaction be?

Back home

The students are now in charge of the DeLorean and they can go anywhere they want…

Time for homework

Just so long as they do their homework.


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