A Voyage To The Stars


To boldly go where no other students have gone before. Space. Courtesy of a class on ‘colors’. Forget rainbows, let’s go on a voyage to the stars…

Colors Photographs

Students describe and explain the significance of colors in eight carefully selected photographs. A cyclist’s reflective vest, a poison dart frog, G-Dragon…the options are endless. Just like space.

Solar System

The beauty of the solar system is there to behold as students survey one of the planets (with the aid of their smart phone dictionaries, of course).

Solar Findings

The students report their findings. What’s the worst that could possibly happen so far away from home?

Emergency Message

Figured out what the message is yet? Oh no, it reads: ‘A scientist has spotted a wormhole through the telescope. Return to Earth immediately!’

But it’s too late…

Life imitates art as the students find themselves in an Interstellar (2014) situation. How can they possibly survive?

Wormhole Planet

With a bit of ingenuity, luck and that all-important creativity, students can find a planet to live on. But first, the details. What are its colors and what does it look like?

5 Day Survival

Forget Matt Damon in The Martian (2015), the students demonstrate their survival skills by describing their experiences on the new planet for five days. Will they develop a bond with the locals like Sam Worthington in Avatar (2009), or will they be itching to get back to the blue ball they call home?

Return to orbit

A new message! We’re saved! The message reads: ‘Return to orbit! We are here to take you home!’

Home Again

Just when they thought it was all over, the students have to present their experiences to NASA. Welcome home.


Next: Unit 1: Back to the…Fashions


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