Level-Ups: The Student Awakens


Videogames offer players the opportunity to conquer certain tasks and move to higher ranks or levels. For example, in the wildly popular game Starcraft 2, players can start on a ‘bronze’ level and, after an undoubtedly titanic/life-consuming struggle, advance to the highest level of ‘grandmaster’. Chasing those level-ups drives players to play the game more and more until they are the envy of their friends.

What would a classroom levelling-up system look like?


In anticipation of the release of the next Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, here is an example of a levelling-up system using imagined ranks in the Star Wars universe. Starting with no rank, students can quickly warp to R2-D2 status via the ‘Droid Technician’ level. What’s the requirement? Not a chance meeting with Luke Skywalker, but the rather simple task of attending 3 classes, achieving 15 participation points and completing 2 homework assignments.

As the saga, or semester, continues, students can level-up to much cooler ranks like Jedi Apprentice, Squadron Commander and Jedi Master. All it takes is a little bit of time, work, the Force and students will chase those upper echelons like TIE starfighters.

Want your students to leave their dark sides at the classroom door? Use a levelling-up system. Who wouldn’t do anything to become a Jedi Master?

Progress to Next Level – Leaderboards: A Fog of War


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