Videogames offer players the opportunity to conquer certain tasks and move to higher ranks or levels. For example, in the wildly popular game Starcraft 2, players can start on a ‘bronze’ level and, after an undoubtedly titanic/life-consuming struggle, advance to the highest level of ‘grandmaster’. Chasing those level-ups drives players to play the game more and more until they are the envy of their friends.

What would a classroom levelling-up system look like?


In anticipation of the release of the next Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, here is an example of a levelling-up system using imagined ranks in the Star Wars universe. Starting with no rank, students can quickly warp to R2-D2 status via the ‘Droid Technician’ level. What’s the requirement? Not a chance meeting with Luke Skywalker, but the rather simple task of attending 3 classes, achieving 15 participation points and completing 2 homework assignments.

As the saga, or semester, continues, students can level-up to much cooler ranks like Jedi Apprentice, Squadron Commander and Jedi Master. All it takes is a little bit of time, work, the Force and students will chase those upper echelons like TIE starfighters.

Want your students to leave their dark sides at the classroom door? Use a levelling-up system. Who wouldn’t do anything to become a Jedi Master?

Progress to Next Level – Leaderboards: A Fog of War


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